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I believe I am the ideal guitar teacher for you!


With over 15 years experience teaching acoustic and electric guitar to people of all ages and all levels. I also hold a Teaching Diploma by the London College of Music as well as years of experience teaching in both - one to one and group settings. It doesn't matter if you just have started playing guitar and you are struggling to play the F chord. Or if you want to take guitar as something more than just a hobby. I can help you with all of that.

  • Small groups or One to One Lessons

  • Preparation for RGT grade Exams

  • Online Lessons

  • Tailor made lessons to meet your specific needs

"Superb teacher.


Really helped my teenage daughter move on and up in her guitar playing.

Loved the care taken to tailor lessons to music she enjoys. Loved the 
result of increased appreciation of music and confidence in playing."

Martin W


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